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Fall Ball 2024 Registration is Open!

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Fall ball is a less intense season that summer and is a great way to keep the fun of summer going while it's still warm out.  Coaches typically have a practice or two during the week and play a double header on the weekend.  For players that will move into a new age bracket next summer, this is a great time to get exposure to that along with many other players that are moving up.



8-Under & 10-Under

  • Week 1 - August 24
  • Week 2 - September 7
  • Week 3 - September 14
  • Week 4 - September 21
  • Week 5 - STATE TOURNAMENT - September 28

12-Under, 14-Under, and High School (16U/18U)

  • Week 1 - August 25
  • Week 2 - September 8
  • Week 3 - September 15
  • Week 4 - September 22
  • Week 5 - STATE TOURNAMENT - September 29

Every week schedules are created by record.  MN Softball does their  best to place your team against opponents with similar records. This is not always possible due to odd numbers of teams. If we have an odd number of teams at a location, there are occasions that they must stagger your game schedule for your team.  It rarely happens but it may.  Also, depending on how many fields there are at each age level in each region teams may have to be move from region to region to play games.

They typically try to schedule your team for an early double header or a late double header.


Games are scheduled at:

  • 12:00 PM
  • 1:30 PM
  • 3:00 PM
  • 4:30 PM